Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Greenpeace Protest- http://www.greenpeace.org/australia/en/news/climate/Coal-train-stopped-in-tracks1/

One activist – Erland Howden – has secured himself in a tiny box and is prepared to stay there for 72 hours.
The activists are calling on BHP Billiton to pay for its pollution. It follows on from Monday’s activity, when the mining giant was handed its pollution tax bill of $338 million for 2010-2011. It’s a small amount for the company – just 0.6% of its annual revenue – but a huge amount for Australians. This money would make a significant difference to making clean energy bigger and cheaper and helping families adjust to a low carbon economy.
BHP Billiton successfully avoided the super resources tax and is now busy lobbying to cheat its way out of paying the pollution tax.
The activists are tired of the big polluters getting their voice heard above ordinary Australians.  While the government is negotiating a price on pollution, the activists are calling for a fair deal – not one that serves the interests of the big polluters.
Erland aka ‘the boy in the box’ said when he was young he was taught to clean up after himself. He’s taking action today to tell BHP Billiton to clean up its own mess.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Great Placards and Signs from Say Yes Rally (Sydney 5th June 2011)

Several leading Australian economists have signed an open letter calling for a price on carbon, saying it would provide essential and structural reform for the domestic economy.


‎"Climate change represents the greatest potential violation of children's rights in history, it is that serious already." - Tim Costello, World Vision


Amazing work from Greens MP Jamie Parker

Jamie Parker inaugural speech

Say Yes Rally- 5 June 2011

Say Yes to action on climate change and Say Yes to clean, safe and affordable renewable energy. Say Yes to a carbon tax!

Today I attended the Say Yes rally that urged the government to be ambitious when setting a price for the much needed carbon tax. The day as a whole was a great success and in joining together with thousands of like-minded Australians across the country I know we told our government what they need to hear. A carbon tax is the next step for action on climate change, and the time is now! The grass roots side of politics is an area that has always interested me. I think rallies such as this display democracy in it's most pure form. If an opinion is important enough, it will be heard! today it was. I also feel grateful that I live in a country that allows such assembly! it's a great thing really to see people come together the way they did today.

I will upload photos soon and I will share some of my favourite signs, banners and placards from the day =]

Friday, 3 June 2011

Activism is Not a Dirty Word

Activism consists of intentional action to bring about social, political, economic or environmental change.

Quite recently a friend of mine Alex and I met with the head of my accommodation at Weerona College to discuss the switch to free range eggs. The meeting was a success and the switch was made but what really caught my attention was her response when I praised student activism in the university environment. It was like she suddenly changed her view on the whole campaign. She told me that this was not activism but just positive awareness raising. If positive awareness raising is not a definition of a very prominent form of activism I don't know what is. Activism brings changes. Activism brings people together and gives them a voice that allows them to engage in the democracy our country is based around. Activists change the world and I am proud to be an activist on a number of issues! Actions speak louder than words - if you want to express an opinion make positive action. Activism is not a dirty word it is by definition a leading catalyst for change in democracy. 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Introductions are in order!

I do not know really what will come of this blog. I hope some day people will be interested in the things that happened in my life long before I was ever anybody that important. My name is Sam Dixon and I study Geoscience and Politics at the University of Wollongong. I love what I study, I love politics and environmental sciences both interest and challenge me everyday. I want to be a politician. It's been my goal and my biggest dream since I can remember. I'm currently the co convenor for the Illawarra Young Greens and the event Co coordinator for WUSA (wollongong undergraduate student's association). This July I will begin an internship with Lee Rhiannon (Greens Senator) which is incredibly exciting, she's a remarkably inspiring woman. I do not know what this blog will look like or what it will be about, but it will definitely represent who I am. So whether you know me or not I welcome you on my journey!