Sunday, 5 June 2011

Say Yes Rally- 5 June 2011

Say Yes to action on climate change and Say Yes to clean, safe and affordable renewable energy. Say Yes to a carbon tax!

Today I attended the Say Yes rally that urged the government to be ambitious when setting a price for the much needed carbon tax. The day as a whole was a great success and in joining together with thousands of like-minded Australians across the country I know we told our government what they need to hear. A carbon tax is the next step for action on climate change, and the time is now! The grass roots side of politics is an area that has always interested me. I think rallies such as this display democracy in it's most pure form. If an opinion is important enough, it will be heard! today it was. I also feel grateful that I live in a country that allows such assembly! it's a great thing really to see people come together the way they did today.

I will upload photos soon and I will share some of my favourite signs, banners and placards from the day =]

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